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Sterile trocar for single use--IG10LT
    Publish time 2019-09-17 13:25    

Ø  Further reduce the risk of viscera hurting —Visible penetration design.

Ø  More clear surgery image during the complex and longtime surgeries---Special Endo-Assistant system design to avoid endoscope contamination.

Ø  High performance to maintain pneumoperitoneum--- 5 layers sealing design to prevent  leakage

Ø  Robust and durability to sustain dozens of operation---  Floatable sealing system and special materials verified by dozens of tests

Ø  More unhindered with less force during operation--- Special design of overlapped sealing valve

Ø   Single hand operation—Reversed Christmas Threads design and convenient for specimen retrieval by separated general adaptor.

Ø  Smaller cut wound with less hernia risk and faster healing  --- Special bladeless design

Ø  Lower viscera hurting risk. --- More controllable inserting approach.

Ø  More safety sterilization method, Gamma irradiation.